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Domain Ownership

I receive a lot of questions regarding website Domain Ownership and thought it would be good to provide some information on the site.

Please note that this is only a short guide to Domain Ownership.

Website Domains are registered by a company called Uniform South Africa or one of its appointed registrars as what New Woza Online is.

You may contact New Woza Online by raising a support ticket to: [email protected]
New Woza Online are registered: http://registry.net.za/accredited_rar.php?ref=www.livingtechnologies.co.za&rar=Living%20Technologies&id=138 and uses a EPP registrar module that displays the ownership of a domain in the field: REGISTRANT
Our automated systems will inform you when payment for your yearly renewal is due to New Woza Online. You need to pay these invoices promptly and on time.

Uniforum can be contacted on the following telephone numbers and e-mail. Tel: +27 11 314 0077 e-mail: [email protected]

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed on their website. http://co.za/legal-FAQ.shtml

These frequently asked questions can give you some insight into the ownership of your domain.

Please note that there is a difference between the owner and administrator.

The owner will have ownership of the domain regardless of who is the administrator.

The administrator has access to the domain only as an appointed person by the owner.

Whenever a domain is registered for a client, the client should have the following in place.

1. A certificate will be posted to the owner of the domain. Please keep this in a safe place as sometimes information on the domain who is server can be hacked and changed. This printed copy of your domain details will ensure you can recover your domain in any eventuality.

2. Keep your domain payments up to date. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are paying up to date and in time, not those of your internet service provider or the person that registered the domain on your behalf. Uniforum uses a first come first served basis and if somebody else registered the domain you are using, he is the owner of such domain. You will have a very expensive court case at hand to get the domain back in your ownership and this will only happen if you can proof that such domain was in your ownership before or if you have a registered patent before such registration.
You can view these details by going to http://co.za/whois.shtml and entering your domain details. A flashing red displaying “Not Paid” indicates non payment. You as owner of the domain can always make payment directly to Uniform SA or New Woza Online to ensure your domain ownership. 3. The contact e-mail address should be a separately secure e-mail location as the administrator does have access to e-mail accounts on the domain. Please make sure these details are correct by entering your domain details on the following page http://co.za/whois.shtml. All the information from 2a to 2n should be your company details.

Please note that any request for transfer of domain should be initiated form the e-mail address displayed in 2l Registrant e-mail.

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